Ninja API (Info Storage)

A meta information storage.

For SpaceKnow internal usage

Following parts of the API are utilized internally by SpaceKnow and are not meant for external usage as we may introduce backward incompatible changes without prior warning.

Please contact us in case you find the APIs useful.


Some API endpoints are not documented.

Change Entity

Change properties of an existing entity. Omitted properties are left unchanged. At least one property has to be requested to make a change.

POST /ninja/change-entity
Request JSON Object:
  • entityId (string) – required; ID of the entity to be changes.
  • title (string) – semi-optional; new title
  • meta (object) – semi-optional; new meta information. The value could be an empty object, i.e. {}.
  • polygonId (string) – semi-optional; ID of a polygon from Polygon API. Use this only for entities related to a polygon. Polygon ID could not be removed (null-ed).

Example request:

    "entityId": "xyz",
    "title": "Entity v2",
    "meta": {
        "lorem": "ipsum"

Example response: