Tasking API

Get Pipeline Status

Needed Permissions: No permissions are required to access this API endpoint.

POST /tasking/get-status
Request JSON Object:
  • pipelineId (string) – required;

Example request:

    "pipelineId": "3g4PovfhGxmymQolpgvv"
Response JSON Object:
  • status (string) – status of the pipeline
  • nextTry (int) – recommended delay for next status check in seconds. Available only when pipeline status is NEW or PROCESSING.

Example response:

    "status": "RESOLVED"

Example response:

    "nextTry": 14,
    "status": "PROCESSING"

List of pipeline statuses:

  • NEW - a pipeline is not yet been processed.
  • PROCESSING - a pipeline is being processed.
  • FAILED - an error occurred during pipeline processing.
  • RESOLVED - a successfully resolved pipeline.