Secure CommunicationΒΆ

Whenever you want to communicate with SpaceKnow in a secure manner, we encourage you to use PGP e-mail encryption (and optionally, signing). [1]

Public PGP keys of SpaceKnow representatives are available from public PGP key servers, for example and can also be fetched using e.g. gpg --recv-keys "key fingerprint".

SpaceKnow PGP key fingerprints:

  • Adam Sikora: F0B9 A4F3 2A4B 0501 96E8 5D82 F015 FE7E 0A4A A193
  • Jakub Klauco: CBF1 8859 F63D D966 1347 3F9A 74B3 D8CF DBA0 F626
  • Jakub Kozisek: E515 0E45 A13F 5A69 B711  E764 2B0B CEC2 7EF4 7D3D
  • Jan Seda: 45B6 14B8 E062 7056 7E6E  161B 4B32 E6AF 31C0 8035
  • Karolina Vrsnikova: ABFC 93B9 39A3 0BBB 0113  24BA 408D 15DF 5BBE 97AB
  • Matej Bartos: 1A9B D7BE 6645 F180 9837  04C9 7EC4 81E8 C822 2956
  • Michal Reinstein: 70D3 B863 ABAB 0109 1DB7  9F63 DEFF FC21 5891 94EF
  • Lukas Lemes: 52B3 4127 C548 9C53 62B2  0A0E 7590 0735 563A 7C74
  • Tomas Rokos: 4002 AACB 0401 2877 E409  6076 8A7F F6AB B942 EFBA
[1]RFC 3156 or its predecessors.